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Penumbra is a Ray Tracer Challenge implementation built for the web. It’s a work in progress.

Development Journal

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  1. How I Am Using GitHub Copilot

    A six minute video I produced to show how I am using GitHub Copilot as I work on my ray tracer, Penumbra. Includes a preview of the upcoming switch to Rust/WebAssembly!

  2. Chapters 2–4: Canvas and Matrices

    An overdue and long update covering 3 chapters! The site has moved to its permanent home and the demo for these chapters is a neat little animated clock.

  3. One More Yak to Shave

    Just one more yak to shave before I can get started on the first test.

  4. Getting Nerd Sniped

    I just want to start this challenge, but there’s a bunch of things I need to figure out first.